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BodyFit physical therapists deliver exceptional “hands-on” treatment to all of our patients. Your physical therapist will be with you one-on-one during every step of your road to recovery. We are dedicated to relieving your pain and to giving you the tools to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. You will gain greater body awareness, enhanced movement control, and improved symptom-free function.

Our physical therapists are highly trained in all aspects of general orthopedics and are also specialists in manual therapy, Pilates-based rehabilitation, TMJ-related disorders, and pre- and post-partum women’s health.

BodyFit Physical TherapyWe hold Doctoral and Masters level degrees in physical therapy, as well as multiple advanced certifications, including Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy (OCS), Certified Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation, and Certified Cervical and Temporomandibular Therapist (CCTT).

We are active members of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and its Orthopedic and Women’s Health Section, the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT), and the American Academy of Orofacial Pain (AAOP).

BodyFit’s comprehensive treatment approach involves manual therapy (mobilization and manipulation of joints and soft tissues), neuromuscular re-education (for improvement in postural and detailed functional movement), therapeutic exercise (for muscle balance and sport/activity specific strengthening), and traditional modalities (ice, heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation).

BodyFit Physical therapyYour physical therapist will work together with you to set and accomplish your goals and to improve your overall health and wellness.

We view the human body as a system of interconnected parts. Movement dysfunction in one area can lead to problems in another region. Therefore, rather than just treating your “diagnosis”, we take a holistic, evidence-based approach to evaluation and treatment.

Conditions We Treat At BodyFit

To learn more about the various conditions we treat at BodyFit Physical Therapy NYC, simply click on the titles below:

Orthopedic Injuries

Accidents, sports, repetitive strain, and poor posture can all lead to orthopedic injuries that cause pain and impair your ability to participate in your daily activities. BodyFit physical therapists treat all orthopedic conditions, including injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, bones and joints, as well as pre- and post-operative rehabilitation. We will work with you to design a comprehensive, individualized program to relieve your pain, improve your strength, and restore your mobility.

Pre and Post-partum Women’s Health

As an expectant mother, you know the joys that pregnancy brings. However, pregnancy and child care place unique demands on your body, and some orthopedic conditions are more common during pregnancy. These include carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, sacroiliac dysfunction, sciatica, and foot pain. BodyFit physical therapists will treat you with the special approach your body requires. After birth, whether you are a new mother or father, we can also teach you how to care for your growing baby while minimizing strain on your body.

Visceral Restrictions

Did you know that 90% of musculoskeletal conditions involve restrictions in the mobility of your viscera? The fascia–or connective tissue–often constricts and adheres to your abdominal organs when there is an injury or a condition that causes inflammation. By gently releasing these restrictions, our physical therapists can increase your body’s movement, resolve chronic pain resistant to traditional therapies, and relieve pain associated with organ function. Some common conditions that respond extremely well to visceral mobilization include dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), IBS, constipation, GERD (reflux), infertility, and scarring related to abdominal or pelvic surgeries.


Chronic and recurrent headaches are a major problem for thousands of people, affecting their daily function and well-being. While headaches may be due to neurological or hormonal factors, many headaches are actually caused by or exacerbated by faulty posture, muscular imbalances, jaw dysfunction, or trigger points in the muscles of the neck and upper back. If you suffer from frequent headaches, we can evaluate you to determine the source of your pain. For headaches that have a musculoskeletal component, we then develop a plan to both relieve your pain and teach you how to prevent the pain from returning.

TMJ/Jaw Pain

Did you know that physical therapists can treat jaw pain? TMJ (temporomandibular/jaw joint) pain can be caused by strained jaw and neck muscles, trauma to the jaw or neck, Inflammation of the TMJ, tendinitis of the jaw muscles, instability of the TMJ, a displaced TMJ disc, faulty head and neck posture, or harmful habits such as clenching or grinding the teeth. BodyFit physical therapists are experts in the treatment of TMJ disorders. We use manual therapy techniques including massage and joint mobilization, alongside traditional modalities (ultrasound, heat, cold, therapeutic exercise, and patient education) to increase your motion, decrease your pain, and restore your function.

Neck Pain

A pain in the neck is more than just a minor annoyance! We specialize in the treatment of a variety of acute and chronic neck conditions, including pain from herniated discs, spinal stenosis, muscular strain, whiplash, and degenerative disc disease (DDD). Our comprehensive approach addresses your posture, habits, and work ergonomics to teach you how to best take care of your spine and prevent future injuries and pain.

Shoulder Pain

Whether you’re a major league baseball pitcher, a weekend warrior, or a couch potato, shoulder pain can be a debilitating condition that impairs your day-to-day function. Common shoulder diagnoses that benefit from physical therapy include impingement, tendinitis, rotator cuff tears/surgical repairs, labral tears/surgical repairs, frozen shoulder, arthritis, and joint instability. Regardless of your shoulder condition, we can help you get back in the game!

Elbow and Arm Pain

Tennis anyone? If you suffer from a local pain condition such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, elbow strain, or tendinitis, we can help by calming the inflammation, restoring your motion, strengthening the surrounding muscles and retraining your mechanics to get you back out on the court. BodyFit physical therapists also treat nerve entrapment conditions, such as carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, and thoracic outlet, with techniques that free up the involved nerves and allow you to move without putting undue tension on these structures.

Lower Back and Pelvic Pain

Nearly 80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives. Structures that can generate lower back and pelvic pain include the lumbar spinal discs, ligaments, muscles, and nerves, as well as the sacroiliac joints, pubic symphysis, and hip muscles. BodyFit physical therapists not only treat these sources of your pain, but also investigate your movement patterns, habits, and muscle imbalances to determine the causes of your symptoms. We strive to resolve your current condition and also to prevent recurrences and future disability.

Hip Pain

It’s a common misconception that hip pain only affects the elderly, but younger people can also suffer from hip injuries. The hip can refer pain into the groin, thigh, or knee, sometimes making hip disorders challenging to recognize. We specialize in differentiating the source of your pain so that we can address the muscle imbalances, joint stiffness, and postural alignment that contribute to your symptoms. Some hip conditions that we treat include arthritis, post-joint replacement, labral tears, impingement, and muscular strains.

Knee Pain

A painful knee can make those long flights of subway steps incredibly daunting. BodyFit physical therapists treat a wide variety of knee diagnoses, including patellar tendinitis, ITB syndrome, patellofemoral syndrome, meniscal tears, arthritis, sprains/strains, ligament injuries, and post-joint replacement. We address the mechanics of your entire lower quarter to return you to dancing, playing your sport, or simply to navigating New York City.

Foot and Ankle Pain

Your feet and ankles must support and carry the weight of your entire body, so pain in these structures can significantly alter your mobility, balance, and mechanics. This may be caused by ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis (peroneal, Achilles, posterior tibialis), arthritis, or fractures. By restoring the motion, flexibility, and strength of these tissues, we will help you regain your solid footing.

Balance Training

Feeling off-balance? Balance problems present a major risk for falls and injury. You can decrease that risk by following a regular exercise program tailored to strengthen your core and lower body muscles, retrain your balance reflex, and improve joint range of motion.

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